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False Facebook Profile Spawns Defamation Lawsuit

Monday, September 28th, 2009

A Chicago Illinois mother has sued four minor teenagers on behalf of her son in a defamation lawsuit for allegedly creating a false Facebook profile of her son and portraying her son as a racist, and falsely commenting on his sexual orientation and sexual proclivities.  The defamation lawsuit claims damages and injunctive relief based on the defamatory information in the false Facebook profile, portraying the minor in a false light, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.  If true, the allegations form the basis for a legitimate claim of defamation.

It is not surprising that defamation claims are arising from the portrayal of false and defamatory information about people on social networking sites such as Facebook.   The complaint alleges that the Facebook account was created using the plaintiff’s name, his real cell phone number, and photograph.  Once the profile is created, the creators of the account invited classmates and other associates of the plaintiff to become friends and exposed the false and defamatory information to some 580 Facebook friends eventually causing the plaintiff to change athletic coaches and athletic teams in addition to causing other stated humiliation and embarrassment.

If you have been the victim of false and defamatory posting of information online, contact one of our attorneys to discuss your legal rights.